BigBoy - PWN 25 - CSAW 18

This was the first task I solved during the CTF, our mission was to determine the offset where the EAX register is compared and achieve the condition.

let's get started, the first thing I did is to run gdb-peda and disassemble the main function.


Here we have a simple read() function then the EAX register is compared to this hexadecimal value 0xcaf3baee and finally we've got a jump (jne), if the condition is met it will jump to the rum_cmd (main+122) function that executes the shell.

Now our next mission is to determine the offset where the hexadecimal value is checked.


In this case, I already put a breakpoint after the read() function then I generate a simple pattern. I run the binary and I passed the pattern as input then I'll verify the value of $eax , this will help us find the offset.



Now we could write a script to complete the process.


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